Our Vision - Seamlessly Integrated Technology

It is our belief that technology is a benefit to modern life and as such it should have clearly defined functions and be simple to operate.

So much of the power of technology is wasted by over complication, making us nervous about letting it make life simpler for us. Our aim is to provide the link between the user and technology in a modern home and by doing so realise the potential of technology to make things simple.

We provide design, integration consultancy and project management services, to the end user, custom installation and construction industry. With many years experience in a wide range of disciplines, including audiovisual, BMS, HVAC, door entry & access control, data networks, security & lighting control.

As we are not tied to any particular manufacturer, we can offer impartial advice, based on requirement not margins, so that the end result reflects the original vision. Whether you are building a one-off home or are a construction company looking to tender for a project, we can offer design, management and after care services to suit your needs.